APC NetBotz Device Monitoring (Five Nodes) Pack

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Enables select NetBotz Appliances to monitor SNMP/IPMI capable devices.

  • Authentication: Control user privileges and access rights to protect IT assets from unauthorized individuals.
  • Enhance embedded NetBotz Appliance capabilities: Advanced software licenses unlock premium features in compatible NetBotz appliances.
  • Modbus output: Reports information from the NetBotz appliances to a third party device via RS-485.
  • Enhanced software functionality: Features two-way audio, audio recording and playback, digitally signed video recordings, camera masking, IP filtering, unlimited usernames, and five levels of user privileges.
  • Mass Configuration: Provides a comprehensive mass configuration capability, allowing users to create, save, and push configurations or specific device settings to similar APC devices with a Network Management Card.
  • Flexible Alert Policies: Identify problematic trends before they escalate or export the data log for analysis.
  • User Access Scheduling: Grant equipment access for specific times for each proximity card configured.
  • Hierarchical device groups: Organize your appliances according to physical location or organizational structure.
  • Remote device management: Remote monitoring of critical conditions for maximum protection against environmental and physical threats.