Adaptec Mini SAS x4 (SFF-8087) to (4) x1 SATA Cable

Adaptec 2247000-R Mini SAS x4 (SFF-8087) to (4) x1 SATA Cable with SFF-8448 sideband signals - 0.5M
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The ACK-I-mSASx4-4SATAx1-SB-0.5m R is an internal Mini Serial Attached SCSI x4 (SFF-8087) to (4) x1 Serial ATA (controller based) fan-out cable with SFF-8448 sideband signals. It measures 0.5 meters and is used for connecting a SATA/SAS controller (SFF-8087) to SATA disks, or a SATA/SAS backplane.

Cable Length : 0.5m

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