Adaptec RAID 81605Z B1 Single 12 Gb/s PCIe Gen3 w. AFM-700

Adaptec RAID 81605Z B1 Single 12 Gb/s PCIe Gen3 w. AFM-700
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12Gb/s PCIe Gen3 SAS/SATA RAID adapter with 16 internal native ports and LP/MD2 form factor.

Data center, IT, and general consumer server environments have a broad range of requirements — from basic connectivity to extreme data storage capacities. The effectiveness at which their data is accessed and protected is crucial to their ultimate success.. The Adaptec Series 8 12Gb/s RAID Adapter product family directly addresses the connectivity, performance, and data protection needs, unmatched by anything in the industry.

The Adaptec Series 8 RAID adapter family features PMC’s 12Gb/s RAID-on-Chip (ROC), which combines a x8 PCIe Gen3 interface with 12Gb/s SAS ports to enable a new generation of high- performance RAID adapters for the 12Gb/s storage ecosystem. Adaptec Series 8 RAID adapters are available with 4, 8, or 16 native SAS/SATA ports in an LP/MD2 form factor. The mini SAS HD connectors combined with SAS HD cables allow for greater flexibility in configuration options by supporting up to 16 native SAS/SATA ports in a Low-Profile MD2 form factor.

Operating System

Microsoft Windows
Red Hat Linux
SUSE Linux
Debian Linux
Ubuntu Linux
Sun Solaris
VMware ESXi

For a detailed list see ASK Answer ID 17318.


Ideal for 12Gb/s performance-hungry server and workstations platforms, without compromising proven Adaptec reliability

Customer Needs

High I/O transaction and high bandwidth processing; solutions that reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Key RAID Features

• Flexible Configuration: HBA Mode & Auto Volume Mode for automatic deployment
• Optimized Disk Utilization (Multiple Arrays per disk)
• Supports up to 256 SAS or SATA devices using SAS expanders
• Support for native 4K sector SAS and SATA devices in addition to 512 byte sector devices
• Hybrid RAID 1 & 10
• Quick initialization
• Online Capacity Expansion
• Copyback Hot Spare
• Dynamic caching algorithm
• Native Command Queuing (NCQ)
• Background initialization
• Hot-plug drive support
• RAID Level Migration
• Hot spares - global, dedicated, and pooled
• Automatic/manual rebuild of hot spares
• SES and SAF-TE enclosure management
• Configurable stripe size
• S.M.A.R.T. support
• Multiple arrays per disk drive
• Dynamic sector repair
• Staggered drive spin-up
• Bootable array support
• Support for Tape Devices, Autoloaders
• MSI-X support for all device driver for all supported Operating Systems
• Secure boot support for the uEFI host bios
• USB image available on to boot maxView
GUI from any USB device for enhanced GUI-based setup and
offline maintenance

Management Utilities

• Adaptec maxView Storage Manager
• Web based GUI Management Utility
• OS Support: Windows, Linux, Solaris VMware
• Remote configuration, monitoring & notification
• Remote firmware updates
• SMI-S Support

• Command Line Interface
• SMI-S support for VMware

Adaptec BIOS Configuration Utility (CTRL+A)
• Legacy Configuration Utility
• Flashable BIOS support

Adaptec uEFI BIOS Configuration Utility
• HII based confi guration utility
• Flashable BIOS support

Data Transfer Rate

12Gb/s per port

Bus System Interface

8-lane PCIe Gen3

Form Factor

MD2 – Low Profile

Cache Memory


Connector Configuration

Four internal mini SAS HD (SFF-8643)

Package Contents

• Adaptec RAID 81605Z adapter
• Additional low profile vented bracket

Physical Size

2.535"H x 6.6"L (64mm x 167mm)

Operating Temperature

0°C to 50°C* (with 200 LFM airflow) Note: This Adaptec card contains a powerful RAID processor which requires adequate airflow to operate reliably. Please install this card only into server or PC chassis with recommended airflow (200 LFM). * Ambient temperature measured 1" away from the RAID processor

Operating Voltage

1.0A @ 3.3VDC 1.1A @ 12VDC

Regulatory Certification


Environmental Compliance


Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF)

775,000 hours at 40°C


3 years